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Disclaimer: The information contained in this site is not legal advice and is intended for educational purposes only. At this time, donations are not tax-deductible.

About Pilot Gateway

Pilot Gateway was founded with the intent of educating and empowering pilots, and the People in general, in the defense of the contractual obligations they enter into in the exercise of their rights under the Act. The mandates that followed the 2019 announced pandemic, forced many airline pilots, under the coercive threat of termination, to accept medical treatments and cede authority over essential health decisions they make in maintaining their FAA issued medical certificate standards and the contractual obligations it creates.

As a result of a December 6, 2021, event, in which Captain Saliba was confronted and forced by the Spokane Airport police to restrict his breathing by wearing a facial mask while on duty for the airline, followed by the notification of the airline of his refusal, after which he was placed on indefinite unpaid administrative leave, a legal battle in the courts system in the defense of his contractual obligations to the People ensued.

Having difficulty securing lawyers interested in the legal challenge, Captain Saliba engaged the airline and the pilot union as a Pro Se litigant. Over time, since the incident of December 6, 2021, a wealth of information and legal arguments developed and, even though nothing contained on this site is legal advice to any individual reader, the information is of great value to anyone intending on educating themselves on the issues facing both the pilots and passengers alike. The thrust of the argument is that only pilots may make health decisions affecting their contractual obligations to the People.

Finding it critically necessary to share and disseminate important information, which readers may review at their own pace, Pilot Gateway was created. Legal filings are available for review on Pilot Gateway. Pilot Gateway is a single person operation that requires extensive number of hours to produce. The site will be updated as new events unfold and court rulings are issued. Please log on periodically for any new updates.