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Federal Aviation Act of 1958

Public Right of Transit

Sec. 104. There is hereby recognized and declared to exist in behalf of any citizen of the United States a public right of freedom of transit through the navigable airspace of the United States.

The Story

The events of late 2019 through mid 2023 brought uncertainty, confusion, misinformation, and misdirected efforts during which the aviation industry, as well as all other industries across the board went into survival mode. As the events surrounding the announced pandemic unfolded, a population of professional pilots, who are well trained to respond to emergencies, lost their ability to clearly identify and correct a problem they were facing - a trespass against their FAA issued medical certificate.

What was clearly and easily recognizable, as the news of the announced pandemic began to spread, was the absurdity of what was imposed upon us and the world population. People in different cities, reacted to the absurdity with more absurdity, for fear of death consumed everyone.

Unfortunately, a new fear tactic appeared; however, this time perpetrated by the airline carrier's corporate leadership. Losing all sense of reasonableness, and in contravention to aviation law, and decades of safety practice, the carriers demanded pilots restrict their breathing while on duty and accept experimental drug treatments under threat of termination.

The fear and propaganda perpetrated by the airlines was difficult to resist. Accept the experimental drug or lose your livelihood. It was all intended to beat pilots into submission and succumb to their demand of receiving the experimental drug. After 38 years in aviation, I, like every other airline pilot, was now faced with a serious threat and had to make a critical decision.

I rejected the airline-imposed fear and all of their demands. One of my colleagues, under the coercive threat of termination by the Senior V.P. of Flight, and according to his widow, succumbed to the effects of the experimental J&J shot 17 days after receiving it. It did not take me long before becoming the activist, the result of which is a legal battle with the airline and the union representing the pilots. I have learned and experienced many legal arguments that I intend on sharing with you. Pilot Gateway is intended to be an awareness and educational tool.

Airline pilots have authority and great obligations vested in them by the FAA, an agent of We the People, that must be protected and restored. My hope is that pilots passing through Pilot Gateway will develop a new sense of responsibility, reclaim, and exercise their authority, and demand the respect the airline pilot profession embodies. For all other readers, I hope that the next time you board a flight, you take a moment to look into the flight deck and recognize the pilots who make your right of transit a reality. Thank you for taking the time to read Pilot Gateway.

Captain Saliba